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Due to highly mobile staff, please pay attention to my club staff profiles, Attention to its own security. Where was I fired the staff club dismissed the album will not be there, staff numbers will not be reused. Site service by the letter of introduction issued by (provide invoice) is not the customer's own telephone verification, not Inspection procedures, unauthorized communication with service personnel to accept service. Cause economic loss and mental injury and the club has nothing to do with support please!

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Foot Massage
Two boy  massage
24-hour Outcall

24-hour mobile:18516150078     
地址:上海市黄埔区浙江中路227号,靠近汉口路,Address:Huangpu district, Shanghai NO:227 Zhe Jiang Middle Road Near Han Kou Road
Subway: line 1/2/8, people's square subway station, 14 export walk straight
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