Shanghai Door Health  club

Shanghai Door Health club is located downtown actor international metropolis - Shanghai Putuo sub prime location in the new plaza, commercial street facade stores and convenient transportation. The company was founded in 2005, has 6 years of history, new and old customers from more support, resulting in the club invested heavily to expand the scale and exquisite decoration nowadays more than 400 square feet of luxury SPA Center, carefully laid out among more than 20 VIP VIP SPA care rooms, each room is carefully arranged the pursuit of high-end massage table, warm music, warm and considerate service to customers is somewhat like home.

Aromatherapy Massage

senior technician here, handsome, beautiful, passionate, physical and psychological pressure are you really free entertainment, ideal place for health care.

elegant natural environment, fashion, retro decoration, stepped into the club, that feel warm, comfortable, clubs around the air was filled with rich aroma of essential oils, country music sounds of nature.

VS Project: Actor SPA for the health care you will be special from Phuket, Thailand, SPA, aromatic cosmetology, aromatherapy essential oils body care, traditional Chinese massage, physical therapy and other traditional Chinese medicine, and efficient health care items,

We will best quality and most considerate service, the most expertise to work for a living and the spirit of high tension, eliminating fatigue of your mental and physical exhaustion, shape your health!



24-hour mobile:18516150078 
地址:上海市黄埔区浙江中路227号,靠近汉口路,Address:Huangpu district, Shanghai NO:227 Zhe Jiang Middle Road Near Han Kou Road
Subway: line 1/2/8, people's square subway station, 14 export walk straight
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